17 Hour of Devastation Cards That Will Most Likely See Modern Play

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By Dirk Grimares | More Articles
August 01, 2017  11:21 AM

Hour of Devastation is the latest Magic: The Gathering set from the Amonkhet block brought to us by Wizards of the Coast. It reveals to us the fate of The Gatewatch and the plane of Amonkhet against the God-Pharoah, Nicol Bolas.

As for the cards in general, the set has been referred by some players as underwhelming, especially for Standard players as it does not create or destroy a surviving archetype but merely supports the established decks with new toys.

From a Modern player's perspective, however, Hour of Devastation is a gold mine of cards that may push their current deck up a tier or helps it against its current bad match-ups.

Here are the 17 cards that might see Modern play:


This card has a high potential of being picked up and housed in a Grixis Death's Shadow deck or any of its variance. For the price of 1 black mana, you'll be able to return Death's Shadow, Snapcaster Mage or a Tarmogoyf (in some variances) from the graveyard to the battlefield and if you do return a Snapcaster Mage you have the option to pic Claim again to return another one from the graveyard to the battlefield.

It may have gained its popularity due to Claim but Fame also has an interesting applicability as for a 1 generic 1 red mana, you'll be able to give any creature of yours haste. Talk about gaining a quick advantage.

2Liliana's Defeat

Liliana's Defeat

There's one big reason why this card might see play in Modern, and that reason is Liliana of the Veil. A lot of the people I've asked have certain anger towards this Planeswalker as it is one of the best Planeswalkers to use in Modern. In some games, Liliana of the Veil can really take over and simply control your enemy's board or hand until they submit or Liliana's final mode truly controls.

I know, there are better cards in handling Liliana of the Veil like Abrupt Decay however, Liliana's Defeat not only destroys a Liliana Planeswalker but destroys black creatures as well. The best example for comparison between Abrupt Decay and Liliana's Defeat is the two creatures that make the Death's Shadow deck formidable  namely, Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Gurmag Angler. These two creatures are 4/5 and 5/5 respectively, they also possess a Delve ability which makes the player cast them on an earlier turn than the given CMC. They possess 6 and 7 converted mana cost respectively, of which Abrupt Decay cannot destroy and Liliana's Defeat can.

3Ramunap Excavator

Ramunap Excavator

Ramunap Excavator is a great inclusion to BGX midrange decks as it allows them to be able to have a solution to their worst match-up Tron. Coupled with Ghost Quarter a BGX, that usually plays with 3 lands, will be able to destroy the Urza lands while setting up their board.

4Life Goes On

Life Goes On

In a format where there will be Burn and Aggro decks, a 1 CMC card that gives 4 life, with a potential of gaining 8 life instead, is a great card to have, especially if you want to gain life and establish a board right away.

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