14 of Stan Lee’s Most Popular Marvel Creations

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By Jon Arvedon | More Articles
November 13, 2018  05:48 PM
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It’s a moment many of us saw coming. And yet, nothing could quite prepare us the tragic death of the man who helped make Marvel what it is today: Stan Lee.

Nevertheless, 95 years is an incredible run, and in that time, Lee helped create some of the most iconic and memorable superheroes of all time. So many, in fact, that to try and list them all would be a fool’s errand. However, in honor of his legacy, we’ve compiled a list of 18 of Stan Lee’s most popular Marvel creations:

1The Fantastic Four

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Debut: Fantastic Four #1 (1961)

Co-creator: Jack Kirby

Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/Human Torch and Ben Grimm/The Thing aren’t called Marvel’s first family for nothing. The Fantastic Four was the very first superhero team created by Lee and his legendary partner Jack Kirby, and they effectively launched the Marvel Universe as we know it. An while the Fantastic Four is arguably one of the most popular superhero teams of all time, the quartet’s main antagonist, Doctor Doom (debut: Fantastic Four #5), is an equally iconic villain. In fact, it’s hard to believe it took a whole five issues of The Fantastic Four for Victor Von Doom to take his place as the most prevalent thorn in the FF’s side.

2The Hulk

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Debut: The Incredible Hulk #1 (1962)

Co-creator: Jack Kirby

Inspired by Frankenstein’s monster and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, the Incredible Hulk is easily one of Marvel’s most popular heroes. Of course, that popularity hasn’t always been reflected in the sales charts (after all, The Incredible Hulk was initially canceled after just six issues), but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t recognize the Green Goliath.

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