12 Podcasts Every Fantasy & Sci-Fi Fan Should Listen To

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By Brian McCormick | More Articles
August 12, 2015  01:52 PM

Imagine a world where you enjoy the commute to work, hoping for an extra delay here or there so you can finish the musings of an epic Fantasy or Science Fiction show. The average work commute is roughly an hour per day. Instead of languishing to arrive home, why not listen to great audio content on topics you know and love?

There are thousands of free podcasts to download, and it can be difficult to sort out the good from the mediocre. We have assembled a list of 12 great Fantasy & Science Fiction podcasts that will make your commute or lazy Sunday a little bit better. Enjoy!

1Sword & Laser

No book is safe from witty banter and hilarious critique in this show. Sword & Laser discusses all kind of cool topics in their lively podcast centering on Fantasy & Sci-Fi works.

Watch this show if you love Fantasy & Sci-Fi novels, listening to interesting discussions on subjects like, "Why You Should Welcome The Robot", and for recommendations on the best and worst new novels to read.

Hosted by: Veronica Belmont & Tom Merritt
Website: http://swordandlaser.com

2StarShipSofa: The Audio Science Fiction Magazine

Do you love short Science Fiction stories? If so, StarShipSofa is the podcast for you. The show is hosted by a fellow with an awesome Geordie accent (you could mistake it for Scottish). Each podcast features an epic short story read by a guest narrator. After the story, you can expect a lively discussion by numerous authors and Sci-Fi enthusiasts. 

Hosted by: Tony Smith

3The Once and Future Nerd

The Once and Future Nerd is a delightful audioplay podcast. If you are entrenched by Dungeons & Dragons, role-playing games, knights, wizards, and Tolkien-like characters, this is the perfect storytelling podcast for you.

The Once and Future Nerd is a single ongoing story with new episodes released every other week. Each character in the show is voiced by their own voice actor, and have their own Dungeons and Dragons like characteristics and weapons. The Once and Future Nerd was a nominee for Best Podcast in 2015 by The Geekie Awards.

Hosted by: Rhiannon Angell, Garrett Armyn, Dan Dobransky, Lily Drexler, Hayes Dunlap, Anya Gibian, Ian Harkins, Emily Kuckuk, Paul Notice, Frank Queris, Julie Reed, Gregory Schulz, Perry Strong, Dylan Uremovich

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