12 Great Stories for Getting to Know Wonder Woman

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By Caitlin Donovan | More Articles
April 07, 2016  07:41 PM

Wonder Woman can be a hard character to get to know. There’s a lot of wildly different interpretations of the character and, notoriously, some are written by people who are none too fond of her. But there are also a lot of great stories out there which can sell you on all the coolest aspects of her character.

Recently, I did an article about Wonder Woman and how she is so much more than all the misconceptions people have about her. I had a feeling if I was a non-Wonder Woman fan reading the article, I’d be thinking “yeah, that’s great and all, but where are these stories that show all these great things about her? And can I understand them if I’m not a fan?”

So this is a sort of guide to stories that are both accessible to people who would be totally unfamiliar with Wonder Woman and also fantastic in their own right, showing what a fascinating and unique character she is. So let’s dig in! Be sure to chime us and tell us your favorite Wonder Woman stories that didn’t make the list in the comments!

1Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals

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Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals is a paperback that collects the first arc of George Perez’s run on Wonder Woman. This is definitely one of the best introductions to Wonder Woman there is. It covers her complete origin- from the birth of the Amazons to her journey from her island of Themyscira to our world. It also showcases one of her most epic battles- in this book, Diana takes on literal Gods, going toe to toe with Ares, the God of War for the fate of the world. She resolves his conflict in a unique way that shows there is so much more to her and her powers than brute force.

George Perez’s beautiful, detailed art really lets the Grecian world of the Amazons shine- this is a story steeped in mythology and lore. However, I should warn that the origin of the Amazons involves rape- it’s not graphic, but it’s there.

Really, George Perez’s entire run on Wonder Woman’s title is worth checking out. A good chunk of it is collected in the Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus available on Amazon. You can also find the first paperback there and you can find Perez's entire run (spanning from Wonder Woman #1 to Wonder Woman #62) on Comixology.

2Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia

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The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka is a completely accessible one-shot and is essentially a Greek tragedy starring Wonder Woman. In it, we see Diana square off against Batman over the fate of a girl she is bound to through ritual. We see Diana torn between her beliefs and her duty, struggling against fate-and it’s all deliciously dramatic, showcasing both Wonder Woman’s strength of character and the fact that sometimes, she doesn’t have all the answers, as much as she wishes she did. You can find The Hiketeia on Amazon and DC Comics.com.

3JLA: League of One

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You can’t get more epic that Wonder Woman versus a dragon…unless you’re talking Wonder Woman vs the rest of the Justice League. JLA: League of One by Christopher Moeller is a one-shot story that ups the ante by featuring both. In order to keep a prophecy from coming true, Wonder Woman must defeat her friends and face a dragon on her own. This book has an incredibly lovely painted style and showcases Wonder Woman’s conviction and devotion to the truth excellently. 

The book can be found on Amazon.

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