10 Survival Horror Games That Will Give You Nightmares

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By Richard Dorricott | More Articles
July 31, 2016  11:42 AM

Films can be frightening, but only in a manner which is essentially vicarious. With games, it’s your responsibility to descend into the basement, rescue the damsel in distress, and escape the monster lurking somewhere in the darkness. If you don’t push forward on the controller, nothing happens. You’re in complete control of your own destiny, and that prospect is utterly terrifying, especially when you consider the dire consequences of your actions.

Sometimes, that responsibility is too much. Sometimes, you have to pause the game, take a breath and revaluate your surroundings, turn on the lights and have a glass of water. Sometimes, you have to stop playing altogether, or else risk having a panic attack in the middle of your living room. Occasionally, you might even play something so frightening that it prevents you from sleeping, and gives you severe nightmares for weeks.

Horror and video games are a great match. In fact, video games do horror better than any other medium, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. So, without further ado, here are 10 survival horror games that will give you nightmares, or at least give you the spooks…

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