10 Star Wars Stories That Could Become The Next Anthology Film

Author Thumbnail BY Abigail Gruchacz - January 10, 2017
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The Star Wars universe is a vast one. That’s one of the reasons we love the franchise. There’s a myriad of aliens and creatures populating it, all with backstories if you care to find it. There’s events, people and places that are mentioned, but never seen. And the Star Wars galaxy needs to be huge, since Disney is releasing one film per year. We know that there’s going to be a Han Solo film and a Boba Fett movie. But there is so much more to Star Wars than those two characters. There’s other scoundrels, operatives for the Empire, scrappy rebels, exiled Jedi and New Jedi. Not to mention all the things that happened before the Skywalkers started messing up the galaxy. All of these stories are exciting ones and could offer fresh perspectives on the Star Wars universe. Hopefully, Disney and Lucasfilm will pick up on some of these ideas and use them to enrich their galaxy far, far away. Here are 10 Star Wars stories that could become the next anthology film:

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