10 Incredible Video Games Inspired By Classic Literature

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By Richard Dorricott | More Articles
September 11, 2016  11:23 AM
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Over the years, literature and cinema have shared an almost symbiotic relationship, with most popular novels being adapted into films. In many ways, the two inform upon one another, influencing the manner by which each medium communicates its story. As a visual instrument, video games in particular owe a tremendous debt to film, frequently borrowing themes and images from prevalent cinematic blockbusters, and even replicating filmic techniques in order to recapture the grandeur and intensity of the Hollywood spectacle.

As a direct result, the casual gamer might not realise the extent to which gaming has been influenced by classic works of literature, from Dostoyevsky to Ian M. Banks. In fact, the overlapping connections are genuinely astounding, and while a small number of games have been adapted directly from books – such as Metro 2033, and I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream – the reality is that everything from Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock and Silent Hill to Darkest Dungeon and Bloodborne owe something of their success to the literature that came before them.

With that being said, here are ten incredible video games that wear their literary inspirations proudly on their sleeves…

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