10 Disney Movies That You Didn’t Realize Are Outright Offensive

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By Jon Arvedon | More Articles
July 24, 2018  06:32 PM

Ah, Walt Disney – the home of magic, family-friendly entertainment, and… racist/sexist subtext?

Yes, it’s true that with nearly a century of animated and live-action films under its belt, Disney is guilty of putting out content that, by today’s standards, would be nipped in the bud from the moment it was pitched.

Nevertheless, while times have changed, these movies – for better or worse – are a part of entertainment history, and likely won’t be forgotten anytime soon. So, prepare yourselves for a trip down memory lane as we list off 10 Disney movies that you didn’t realize are outright offensive:

10Song of the South

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Released in 1946, Song of the South remains problematic for a number of reasons. Taking place during the Reconstruction Era just after the Civil War, the film focuses on a young boy named Johnny who befriends a black plantation worker named Uncle Remus. However, even though it takes place post-Civil War, it’s still riddled with offensive stereotypes and racist undertones… including the fact that Remus – a former slave – is still living on the plantation he was forced to work on while he was a slave and seems quite content with the situation.


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Even if you ignore the blatant cartoon breasts in the “Night on Bald Mountain” segment, 1940’s Fantasia still features some wildly offensive content. Although it’s been removed from post-1969 re-releases, the “Pastoral Symphony” segment originally featured a black centaurette named Sunflower, who was implied to be the slave of the white centaurettes. 

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