10 Bizarre Superpowers You Won't Believe Exist

Author Thumbnail BY Caitlin Donovan - March 20, 2017
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There are superpowers out there that are just so awesome almost everyone wants them. Who hasn’t dreamed of flying? Or being super strong? Or having the ability to turn back time. But the world of comic books is a vast and strange place and there are some superpowers that are just downright bizarre. There are unlucky heroes and villains blessed with superpowers you can’t believe anyone even thought of or that have no discernable purpose. Here’s a look at some of the strangest.

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Caitlin Donovan is a long-time nerd with a passion for superheroes and epic fantasy. She lives in North Carolina with her cat and wrestles with writing novels and doing editorial work when she's not ranting about pop culture online. She runs a blog at ladyloveandjustice.tumblr.com
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