10 Best Non-Marvel/DC Superhero Movies

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By Jon Arvedon | More Articles
August 28, 2018  10:13 AM
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In this day and age, where shared cinematic universes are all the rage, superhero movies are practically a dime a dozen. And with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, Sony’s planned Spider-Man-centric universe, and Fox’s X-Men films dominating the tentpole blockbuster months, you’d be forgiven for assuming the best superhero movies are the ones that come from Marvel and DC.

However, outside of that realm is a whole world of superhero films that have managed to captivate audiences without the backing of Marvel or DC, some of which have even gone on to win Oscars. Those are the films we here at Epicstream want to explore: the original superhero stories and comic book adaptations that had to win their way into our hearts without the help of one of the Big Two comic book publishers. Here are the 10 best non-Marvel/DC superhero movies:

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