10 Best Moments From Logan

Author Thumbnail BY Jon Arvedon - March 07, 2017
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On March 3, 2017, the third and final chapter in the trilogy of standalone Wolverine films berserker-raged its way into theaters nationwide.

Directed by James Mangold, Logan is beautifully tragic noir Western disguised as a superhero movie, and that’s meant in the absolute best way possible. Not only is Logan the best Wolverine solo film; it also gives franchise favorites X2, X-Men: First Class, and even Deadpool a run for their money.

Logan is filled with so many outstanding moments that it definitely warrants repeat viewings. It’s full of action, drama, and there’s even some much-welcomed humor sprinkled in. It’s hard to pick just one part of this film that stands above the rest, so here are the 10 best moments from Logan (spoiler warning):  

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