10 Best Hour of Devastation Uncommon Magic: The Gathering Cards

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By Shant Krikorian | More Articles
July 25, 2017  02:56 PM

Here are the 10 best Hour of Devastation Magic: The Gathering Uncommon cards:

1Claim // Fame

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This is without a doubt, the best uncommon from this set. This will probably see a lot of play in Standard and Modern. Returning threats like Tarmogoyf and Death's Shadow with haste seems to be really good. Jund decks seem to rejoice so well they could throw a party for it.

2Dunes of the Dead

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A land that could be a threat anytime, especially if you have cards that could sacrifice it. I will definitely have it somewhere in my 40-card deck.

3Supreme Will

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I'm quite sure this set is probably gonna be slow so cards like Supreme Will might see some play in Limited specially with modes that could either counter your bomb or take advantage by manipulating the top three cards of your library.

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