10 Best Episodes Of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Author Thumbnail BY Jon Arvedon - August 10, 2017
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It’s been half a century since Star Trek first began to make waves across the planet. However, after The Original Series ended, the question arose as to how the franchise could follow up on one of the most beloved sci-fi television series of all time. Thankfully, the cast and crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation were able to not only step up to the task but step out of the massive shadow cast by their predecessors.

For seven years, ST: TNG followed the exploits of – as the name implies – the next generation of the Enterprise crew as they broke all sorts of new ground in the Star Trek universe, delivering a number of standout episodes that loyal fans continue to revisit to this day. Picking the greatest chapters of the show’s 178-episode run is no small feat, but we here at Epicstream think we’ve managed to narrow it down to absolute best of the best. That being said, here are our picks for the 10 best episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

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