A Marvel Fan and A DC Fan Face Off, With An Unexpected Result in This Insightful Comic

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
February 24, 2016  01:28 PM

Are you a Marvel or DC fan? Why can't we like both? 

That's pretty much the point that this new comic by Dorkly's Julie Lepetit is trying to make. Here, we see a Marvel fan and a DC fan face off, and despite their angry-looking faces, they actually respect each other's fandoms, and criticize their own at the end, though I thought they could have named something worse like Green Lantern or Ghost Rider. Age of Ultron is actually enjoyable, but yeah, Man of Steel sucks. Although the comic's premise and art are simple, it brings up an important point: It's okay to like both publishers. They have their own strenghts and weaknesses, and fans don't have to make pointless and endless arguments to bring each other down. 

Source: Dorkly 

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