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Epicstream.com is your one stop source for all things Fantasy & Sci-Fi! Movies, television, video games, comic books, we cover it all! Our purpose is to bring you fresh daily content on the latest Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Gaming news, as well as entertaining quizzes, lists, videos & trailers, comics, and reviews.


    Jake Vyper
    - Founder, CEO & Editor in Chief

    Ever since his mother bought him Golden Gate books when he was five, his passion for reading and exploring the power of imagination never ceased. And when he first played Final Fantasy VIII back in 1999, he knew what he wanted to become: A fantasy & science fiction author. Jake has a BA degree in English and Creative Writing. He's focused on studying fiction writing, psychology, business, and social media. He is currently writing a Cyberpunk epic.

    Contact Jake : jake@epicstream.com
    Brian McCormick
    - Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


    Since Brian was six-years-old, he started buying Sonic the Hedgehog comic books and began appreciating fantasy and sci-fi stories, television, and movies. Brian has an MBA degree from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He graduated at the top of his class, receiving honors as UNCP's Outstanding MBA Student of the Year.


    Contact Brian : brian@epicstream.com
    Tiny Diapana
    - News Writer


    Tiny Diapana is a literary dilettante and warrior of the written word. She has a penchant for poetry, with some of her compositions seeing publication in anthologies. Tiny is drawn to magic realism (eg. Salman Rushdie, Etgar Kerret) and books that are stylistic and Kafkaesque. Her free time is often spent on boardgames, books, manga, comics, pop culture series, movies and practicing bass.


    Contact Tiny : tinytapioca@gmail.com


    Bayani Acebedo
    - News Writer


    Bayani is a pop-culture nerd. When he's not scouring the internet for news on the latest movies and games, he's building Star Wars model kits and playing Overwatch. He's a huge Star Wars geek, and his favorite X-Wing pilot is Jek Porkins. He likes Kevin Smith and Jared Hess movies, and he also does cosplay. What a nerd.


    Contact Bayani : yancebedo@gmail.com


    Nico Parungo
    - News Writer


    Nico graduated with a film degree from the De La Salle College of St. Benilde. He loves movies, comic books, video games and the WWE. He also likes to check out games and animated shows that are deemed underrated.
    Contact Nico : jon@epicstream.com
    Jon Arvdeon
    - List & Quiz Writer


    Jon was born and raised on the not-so-mean streets of Central Massachusetts. He uses his time consuming, collecting and sharing all aspects of nerd culture.


    Contact Jon : jon@epicstream.com
  • Erose Mae Bermudez
    - Social Media Specialist

    Mae is an avid fan of Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Sense8. Her interests include fashion, technology, gaming, and photography.

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