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Shant Krikorian

is a father to a real life Planeswalker named Nissa. A frustrated photographer, lover and a dancer with no real plan of dancing at all. He loves to read a lot of articles about Magic: The Gathering, also plays the game in paper and collects a lot of it.


  • The Top 20 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Tokens
    I've seen enough cards that went highway to hell due to its extravagant price tags such as those that are on the Reserved List, those that are highly sought for Modern format and misprinted cards (including factory defects, miscut, etc). What really surprises me is that there are actually tokens that have astounding price tags. See for yourself in this list of the most expensive tokens since Magic: The Gathering started.   Update: Source is from median price which we regularly use here in the Philippines. You may find some that are much cheaper in other sites as they all hold different price tags.
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    870 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 870 days ago
  • Top 15 Most Expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards Printed At Common ...
    When we see a common Magic card, we usually think that it's worth less than a dollar. There are actually some cards printed in common rarity that actually turned out to be expensive. Some can be seen with a price tag of almost $60 a piece or at $40. This list features the most expensive cards printed in common rarity. I bet you'll want to dust off those cards from your basement and see if you have one or more of any on this list. Just a precaution though, not even a single card on the list is included in the Reserved List, expect that most if not all will be reprinted someday. In no particular order, here is your list of the most expensive commons Magic: The Gathering has to offer so far. 
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    883 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 883 days ago
  • 25 Currently Standard Legal Cards Used In Pro Tour Rivals Of Ixalan
    Here is a list of Standard format legal cards used in Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan. I have not included some as I pulled the data only from the top decks. Those cards include a copy of Cast Out from the sideboard. It is quite interesting to see that Modern is quite healthy right now as the Top 8 decks have proven. It is also quite refreshing to see Standard format legal cards getting some plays in and out of the camera. Check them out: 
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    905 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 905 days ago
  • Top 25 Magic: The Gathering Cards With Raymond Swanland's Art
    Like many Magic: The Gathering players, I am an avid collector of cards with art drawn by a certain artist. Some might adore the works of Therese Nielsen, Christopher Rush and Rebecca Guay, who are just some of the most talented Magic artists of all time. I do like them too but I must say, Raymond Swanland is among those artists that is also well-equipped with experience and have a really unique style of his work. It's quite revolutionary, lots of spikes and details that most players would distinguish as his style. I think I have at least 60 - 70 pieces of foil cards with his art, including the Kaladesh invention Planar Bridge, Zendikar expedition of Tectonic Edge, foil Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh, etc. I am still missing a lot of it such as foil Arid Mesa, foil Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, which are quite expensive and I don't expect them to get low sooner or later but I will try to save and buy them when I can or trade if able. Since I'm a huge fan of Raymond's Swanland's art, I've compiled a list of his 25 best here. 
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    1027 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 1027 days ago
  • Iconic Masters Cards with Changes in Rarity
    Here's a list of cards that changed rarity: from uncommon to common, rare to common, so on and so forth from the upcoming Iconic Masters set. I'm as excited as most of you are. Who wants a foil Mana Drain? I do! I collect foil cards with images created by Raymond Swanland, a well-known artist not just in Magic: The Gathering but also in World of Warcraft. It's quite expensive right now so I just hope I get lucky and pull one out from the pack just like I did with Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh from Hour of Devastation. It really is interesting to see cards moving from one rarity to another, and here is the list in no particular order. 
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    1057 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 1057 days ago
  • The 12 Best Magic: The Gathering Cards That Could Help Beat Ramunap ...
    Pro Tour Hour of Devastation is finally over and we already have every detail of what to expect in Standard though there are still unexplored grounds, but for now, we already know that Ramunap Red is the deck to beat until the next big event. Special honorable mention to Anointer Priest, an integral part of the Blue-White Monument deck that could help win them games over it. As you will see, every card in the list has the ability to gain a specific amount of life as it is the most efficient way of beating red-based decks. We have seen how fast and efficient the deck was on the screen and so I have prepared a list, in no particular order, of a few cards that have the potential to help you beat our Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Champion deck, Ramunap Red!
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    1098 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 1098 days ago
  • 10 Best Hour of Devastation Uncommon Magic: The Gathering Cards
    Here are the 10 best Hour of Devastation Magic: The Gathering Uncommon cards:
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    1107 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 1107 days ago
  • Modern Masters 2017 Cards With Changes In Rarity
    Here is a bunch of cards with changes in rarity from the recently released Modern Masters 2017. Just like the first two articles about the first and second Modern Masters we shared before, I present you a list of cards that shifted from common to uncommon, rare to mythic rare, etc. You will also see that a few cards have changes in their art including Snapcaster Mage and Cavern of Souls which is up to you to decide if it's better than the previous art based on your own preference. You will probably notice as well that I used images of the card from the oldest print combined with the latest to show new players its original art and not specifically the change in rarity so cards like Inquisition of Kozilek will show both rarity in uncommon rather than rare from Conspiracy: Take the Crown . I did this to provide two kinds of information in one article. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. I hope you enjoy it! :)
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    1197 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 1197 days ago
  • Modern Masters 2015 Cards With Changes In Rarity
    Hello, I'm back with the full list of changes in rarity coming from the second set of Modern Masters printed in 2015. There are plenty of changes in common and uncommon cards but not much on rare and mythic rares. Only a couple of cards had their arts changed as well. Just in case you haven't seen the list for the Modern Masters 2013 changes in rarity, you can read it here. Here goes the full list below. Enjoy!
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    1247 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 1247 days ago
  • Modern Masters 2013 Cards With Changes In Rarity
    Here's a full list of cards with changes in rarity included in the first Modern Masters set released in 2013. Some cards do have a new art but some just don't. On my next article, I will include Modern Masters 2015 and when Modern Masters 2017 is completely spoiled, Check out all the cards that shifted rarity: 
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    1252 days ago By Shant Krikorian By Shant Krikorian - 1252 days ago