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Jack Holder

is a longtime fan of fantasy in all its forms, Jack first started writing as a freshman in high school after reading Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman’s Dragonlance series. He is currently working on a Master’s degree at Boston University, as well as continuing his own fantasy prose. If you want to read it for free, check out and thank you for reading.


  • 10 Fantasy Series that Need to be Animated
    Fantasy books seem to finally be getting all the love. Shannara got its live action series, and there have been movies about Beautiful Creatures, Harry Potter, Seventh Son. To see the words on the page fly up on the screen, to see it come to as close to real life as humanly possible, can be a dream come true. But what about the animated series? Sometimes the books we read and adore, might have a better reception when the movement is more illustrated than realistic. Whether it is the style of magic, or the nature of writing, or the required budget for an unknown series, an animated series can be the best option for certain series. Here, in no particular order, are ten series of books that deserve a chance in color. Enjoy!
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    1213 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1213 days ago
  • 9 Biggest Questions Fans Have for the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    The MCU is not exactly what we expected when Robert Downey Jr. first stepped into the light as Iron Man, is it? Since 2008, we have discovered a renaissance of superheroes the likes of which has never before been seen. Fourteen movies, five different television series, and we all know this is barely getting going. While we enjoy what is going on…constantly…with no end of debate and fangirling as each movie and series comes forth, we are to be a critical audience. Marvel has a concerted group of fans that won’t allow it to rest on its laurels. To this end, I give you 9 questions that should remain on our minds as we delve further into the universe.
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    1398 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1398 days ago
  • 10 Comic Books That Deserve Their Own Animated Universe
    We have all seen (and gloriously reveled in) the new era of live-action superheroes on the silver screen. Ever since we picked up those glossy pages and looked inside, every comic book lover has seen their heroes soar off the page and up, up, and away. With the DC Extended Universe trying to catch up to the MCU, and Fox somehow staying relevant thanks to the other hero in red Spandex, our heroes are becoming more and more alive. But let us not forget the animated universes. Tucked away in direct-to-DVD releases are gems that remain hidden to all but the faithful. With a smaller budget constraint, many of our favorite tales can get the full casting they need for these epics that have captured the imagination. In this list, I will be working exclusively on the Big Two. In compiling this list, it truly became too difficult to reconcile DC and Marvel with the small press (not to mention indie) graphic novels that deserve their own list(s). For another day. It’s time to strap on your cape and sally forth!
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    1530 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1530 days ago
  • 10 Feel Good Fantasy Movies You Should Definitely Watch
    The realm of fantasy. Wizards, swords buried in the stones, talking animals, sword fights, magic, true love, all spectacular! Fantasy is the realm of the epic, with dramas that span across planes of existence. But more importantly, they are an amazing journey of fun. Presented here are fantasy films that you don’t watch just once. They’re also not the ones that you need to watch immediately or someone is going to spoil the ending on Facebook or Twitter, those monsters! These are the flicks you turn on Saturday afternoon to get through that pile of laundry, Tuesday evening to de-stress with a much deserved bowl of ice cream, and are just as amazing to watch that hundredth time over! The criterion is simple. No animation, as that is plentiful enough to deserve its own list. Only one per series, so Harry Potter or the Chronicles are not going to just be the only ones on this list. A happy ending, though that term can be nebulous. And it has to be re-watchable. Other than that, let’s enjoy and wish for our very own happily ever after!
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    1542 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1542 days ago
  • 5 Best Parts of Boston Comic Con (And 5 Needed Improvements)
    Comic Con. The name evokes so many emotions from the casual observer. Fear, excitement, and the approach of all those fans. A celebration of things nerdy, a veritable festival of fandom. Wait, Boston has one too? Armed with a pen, a journal and not enough wisdom, I walked through the second convention in my life. Completely unprepared for what lay before me last weekend. After a week to gather thoughts, I lay hands to type out just how it all went. Within you’ll see the five reasons why I thought it was truly a wonderful experience. Followed by some flaws that could be easily rectified. As the thirty-odd Doctors that filled the convention floor would say: Allons-y!
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    1544 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1544 days ago
  • 10 Appealing 3rd Party Candidates this Election Season
    Who do we want to run the free world? The last few months have been a mess, for Democrats and Republicans alike. No one seems to particularly like the top two candidates, and anyone else just seems to fade into the ether of social consciousness. Well, not these candidates! These ten men, women (and other) offer some of the greatest resumes for leadership that America can possibly ever see. Kings, lords, and greater are now vying for the crown, I mean the presidency! If you are wondering about who to vote for this November 8th, look no further. These ten candidates will steal your heart, soul, and anything else you’re not hanging onto too closely. Let the pitches commence!
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    1565 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1565 days ago
  • 5 Reasons You Need to Watch Wynonna Earp
    So SyFy has come up with yet another fantasy show. In modern times, deep in the Midwest. Why should we care about yet another series from a channel that can’t even spell Sci-Fi right anymore? A gun-toting, demon-smoking, hard living kind of girl, that’s why. Wynonna Earp is one of the best new shows to drop down the fantasy pipeline, and one that should be enjoyed for a long time. With the conclusion of the first season, and the confirmation of a second coming in 2017, this show isn’t leaving us anytime soon. And that’s exactly where it needs to be. So sit back, pop open a cold one, and take a peek at why you need to start getting excited.
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    1571 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1571 days ago
  • 7 Butt Kicking Heroines in Modern Fantasy
    Image Credit: What a time to be a fan of fantasy. Our favorite books have finally made it to the screen, both big and small. The genre is no longer just something shoved to the back of your local bookstore, forgotten by anyone who doesn’t live in a basement. It is a renaissance for fantasy lovers. With this has come a time for women. Not just actresses getting cast, but the books. Within these pages are women of substance, of monumental character. Women that can knock you flatter than a piece of paper. For these heroines, it doesn’t matter what the weapon of choice is. Pistol, sword, claw or staff, they are all accomplished duelists, and have earned the respect of their peers. I’m going to institute a SPOILER WARNING, because to deny their accomplishments truly would be a crime. So let’s dive in to the fairer sex, and pray they don’t take offense. 
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    1579 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1579 days ago
  • 5 Reasons Why Ron Weasley is the Greatest Gryffindor Ever
    The Gryffindors. Brave, true, the supposed heroes of Hogwarts and all of magic in Harry Potter. But who is the greatest Gryffindor of them all? Who truly embodies what Godric Gryffindor prized above all? Is it Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived? Hermione Granger, the greatest witch of her age? Perhaps Neville Longbottom, the quiet savior. Better yet, Minerva McGonagall or Albus Dumbledore, with long storied careers as professors at Godric’s prized school. Nope. It’s Ronald Weasley. The constant screw-up. Second youngest (and possibly least) of the Weasleys. It seems like the only thing he has in common with Godric Gryffindor is his hair matches the House color. Why should he receive the title of greatest Gryffindor? Well, to start off…
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    1579 days ago By Jack Holder By Jack Holder - 1579 days ago